Oak Ridges Vision Centre offers hundreds of frames styles to choose from. We have popular designer frames for adults and frames for children.

Sunglasses are a necessary part of every wardrobe. Featuring a beautiful selection of designer glasses and sunglasses from high end brands such as Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Tiffany, Bvlgari and more, we're sure that we'll have something that's right for you.


Sunglasses are a necessary part of every wardrobe. Oak Ridges Vision Centre has many sunglasses to chose from for sport styles to fashion sunglasses for your every vision need.

How do I choose a frame that looks good on my face?

There are many factors: first you should consult with one of our friendly staff. He or she will help you select frames that look best with your facial shape.

Once you are happy with a style, you will want to find a frame color that compliments your skin tone.nnThe frame size is most important and varies depending on your prescription needs. For example, if you have a prescription over a -2.00 Diopters of power, you will want to look for smaller frames to keep the edge thickness of the lens to a minimum. If you want to wear a no-line bifocal or also known as PAL (Progressive Addition Lens) you must select a frame size that will accommodate that type of lens choice.

The bottom line is that you must like your glasses. Only select a pair that you are comfortable with and you feel compliments your looks. We, at Oak Ridges Vision Centre want you to love your eyeglasses.

Tips on Selecting the right frames for your face.


If you have a round face, a square shape looks great and minimizes roundness.


If you have a heart-shaped face, choose frames with low temples and lenses that get wider at the bottom. This will add fullness over the lower half of your face.


Round frames are good for softening the lines of a square face.


People of triangular faces, with their wide jaw lines, are complimented by cat's eye shapes.


And finally, if you have an oval face, consider yourself fortunate: almost any fame should suit your face.

We also offer a wide variety of lenses from major manufacturers:

We can help you select lenses to correct for myopia (distance), hyperopia (reading), presbyopia (bifocal), and astigmatism. A wide range of lens variations are available depending on your eyesight and purpose. Most lenses can have the option of being photochromic (color changing) and/or Anti-Reflective (helps prevent glare from light sources). Finding the right type of corrective lens can be complex. Everyone's vision is unique and the lenses that correct it should be tailored individually. With thousands of possible combinations, only one will be perfectly suited to your needs and we will be there to help you. Compare our prices on lenses and you will find that we can be priced at less then half of what other large retail chains charge.


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